On March 9th I started using Future and began working with a new personal trainer. While I'm only 8 workouts in, I absolutely love it so far! As I get further along my goal is to share more details on the overall experience, the app itself, the workouts, and my interactions with my personal trainer.

Getting Started

The personal trainer I picked out has been fantastic. We had a great kick-off meeting where we got to know each other, talked about my fitness goals, equipment, etc. and off we went. Since I had already been working with a trainer, there was no easing in and we jumped right into it and dang did it kick my butt! My workouts have been much higher in reps and length, with shorter rests in between, which has really been keeping me on track. Additionally there is a warm up and a cool down but I have to admit the workouts have sometimes been a bit too long and I haven't always gotten to the cool-down portion.

A week and a half, a total of 8 workouts, and I've been extremely impressed. During my workouts I can send in videos to check my form and my trainer has always been insanely quick to respond with, corrections, helpful tips and cues. Additionally we've already started tweaking the workouts as needed and created some ones tailored to upcoming travel.

While the next few weeks are going to be a bit of work and personal travel, I've already got some workouts cued up that I can do in my hotel and when I get to my parents sans gym.

More to come!

First 1.5 weeks with Future

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