Trying a few new tricks this week with the addition of a new DJI wireless mic, sharing a cuts from what I was listening to during my workout, and doing some editing using Descript. I've been checking out the tool for a bit, in combination with Premiere Pro, and am really impressed with its' ability to simply edit out filler words, replace entire areas where I misspeak, add in captions, quickly add images, and more. Plus there's a new big update coming soon which looks awesome.

Looking forward to playing with it more and maybe sharing some of those thoughts here. But enough about that let's get to the workouts, complete with Descript scrolling text!

Week 5 Day 1

Worked out to the latest from Cave In - Heavy Pendulum

Week 5 Day 3

Checked out the SPICE - Viv

Week 5 Day 5

Week 5 Day 6

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