I've got just over 4 weeks until a family vacation to Myrtle Beach so now is the time to set some goals and be accountable for hitting them - at least trying me best!

I'll try to do a week by week recap along with some videos, so let's dive into week!

Week 1 Day 1: Monday June 13

Getting things started off right as I'm kicking off a little over a month of accountability and improvements heading into family vacation. I've updated my home office with a standing desk from Uplift and a walking treadmill, so between that and my morning workouts there really should be no excuses to keep on track.

Had an excellent workout through Future focused on back and biceps and made great use of my walking treadmill (will take some time to get used to it). Also hit my macro goals, was a little under the amount of water I'm trying to hit (not my main focus but a nice to do), and all in felt great.

Week 1 Day 2: Tuesday June 14

Made good use of my walking treadmill today, still getting the hang of it, and my Future workout today was comprised of chest and triceps. While I didn't get through my entire workout I was able to push it on all my sets and felt strong overall. Macros were mostly on point even though I came up short on my calorie goal.

Week 1 Day 3: Wednesday June 15

Rest day and date night and I took advantage of that! Didn't use the walking treadmill as much as I was hoping, only hit about 20 minutes. My eating was on point throughout the day until date night dinner where I horked up ALL THE CHIPS AND SALSA (my weakness) and topped it off with movie popcorn. Date night though was a total success and Top Gun: Maverick was uh-mazing!!! Part of being accountable is accepting the off days and getting right back on the track for the remainder - no guilt here (ok a little but that is overridden by the fun!)

Week 1 Day 4: Thursday June 16

Today was (dreaded) leg day and post date night, all while heaving around a little extra weight. All in actually a pretty solid workout and was able to push more on my back squats, while keeping it manageable on the front ones. Front squats are definitely a challenge and I was a bit rusty on my form but practice and come coach tips will make perfect.

Week 1 Day 5: Friday June 17

Last minute rest day due to early morning realtor meeting and work. Tomorrow morning though, it's on!

Week 1 Day 5: Saturday June 18

Since Friday was an impromptu rest day, I was able to get my shoulder workout 🏋️‍♀️ in on Saturday. Overall it was a good pump, was able to push the weight a bit more but felt like my form needed some work on the seated overhead presses. Something I'm going to have to work with my trainer on.  

Week 1 Day 6: Sunday June 19

Father's Day! Went to St. Joseph, MI and had one of the best days ever! Relaxed on the beach, hit up a surf / skate shop, had a nice dinner, and capped it off with probably the best ice cream I've ever had at Cabana's Ice Cream. Love this town and can't wait to visit more often, especially since it's about 90 minutes from our home.  

Heading into Week 2

Instead of a big recap since you get the point with the videos and all, here are some of the goals I want to hit this week:

  • Stay consistent with my workouts (yes, I took a rest day on Monday but will offset the days)
  • Use my walking treadmill 20 minutes a day
  • Consistently track intake and hit my macros
  • Drink more water!

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