As a young boy, instead of a growth spurt up, I had a growth spurt out. Needing new fitting clothes, my Mom took me to the department store where she asked a salesperson "Excuse me where is your Husky Department?" In shock I said "MOM, I'm not husky!!!!", I knew I had gained weight but this was my a whole different realization.

This charted the course for years of (mostly) ups and downs of losing / gaining weight and all the challenges, teasing, and lack of confidence that came with it. Fast forward to my early 40s where I was at an all time high in weight and a low in body positivity. Knowing I had to do something, I joined a weight loss program and shed about 20 pounds and while their method wasn't sustainable for me, they did set me along the path.

My next stop was through an old friend and current coworker who owned a gym in California. Seeing as I'm in Chicago he agreed to take me on as a virtual client (this is all pre-covid) and I learned meal prepping, bought some adjustable dumbbells, and started participated online with his gym community and some of their workouts. I absolutely loved the community he had built at his gym, the other members I met were very supportive and I started working more closely with a personal trainer and that has been life changing.

So, what does this have to do with the Husky Department!?Well, it's my way of reclaiming that negative term and time in my life and turning into my goal of Creating a body positive DIY wellness community. I've been inspired by seeing the hustle, grit, and commitment of others in improving themselves (both mentally and physically) and I want to foster a space to do the same! It starts here and who knows where it can go together!