I’m Ryan, and as a young boy, instead of a growth spurt up, I had a growth spurt out. Needing new fitting clothes, my mom took me to the department store where she asked a salesperson, “Excuse me, where is your Husky Department?” In shock, I said, “MOM, I’m not husky!!!!”

So, what does this have to do with the Husky Department!? Well, it’s my way of reclaiming that negative term and time in my life, turning it into my goal of building a positive DIY wellness community.

Journey Together!

I’m no trainer, just an individual who got started on his fitness journey better late than never in life. I’ve been inspired by seeing the hustle, grit, and commitment of others to improve themselves both physically and mentally. By sharing my own insights, accountability notes, and experiences here, I hope to foster a space for others who are looking to start, continue, or build a community around their own journey.

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